About Neset Consulting Service

Neset Consulting Service Inc. provides experienced, top quality wellsite geology/geo-steering services. Neset Consulting Service Inc. started providing these services in 1978 and continues the same attention to detail today that has earned us the reputation known throughout the Williston Basin, Rocky Mountain Region, and beyond. Neset Consulting Service is located in Tioga, North Dakota, USA.


Our Services

Neset Consulting Service Inc. can provide one or two man wellsite geology/geo-steering teams, with total gas or full gas chromatography. Wellsite geology and gas detection services are backed by in-house, 24-hour technical service and support, along with a full office management and administrative staff.



Neset Consulting Service will be the most recognized and respected onsite geologic service company in the Williston Basin, Rocky Mountain Region, and beyond. Providing our clients with the most reliable, accurate and cost effective “eyes at the bit” geological analysis possible.